Welcome to Global English School!

In the race for excellence there is no finishing line…” 

Global English School was established in Makkah as one of private schools in 2016 by its founder Mr. Hassan Bakheet Almatrafi and from a modest beginning, the institution scaled heights quickly.

Looking to the growing demand of International education and the aspirations of the local and expatriate community, USA Curriculum was adopted.

The school has always respected and responded to the needs of the local Saudi community and contributed to their educational growth. Great importance is laid on Arabic, Islamic Studies and KSA culture studies, while not diluting the internationally recognized USA curriculum.

School’s Message

1-  Providing high-achieving students with care through different activities.
2-  Enhancing positive spirit through collective work.
3-  Providing students with educational and psychological care.
4- Professional development for all the staff .

Our Goals

Enhance opportunities for parents to attend their children a school that provides global education in accordance with the needs of the future view.

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of global education in Holy Makkah.

Strengthen the capacity of developed scientific education and innovation.

Ensure the delivery of all educational and administrative services in accordance with standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.


Core Value